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Nearly 75% of people who follow small and medium sized businesses on Twitter are interested in future product updates. Moreover, 7 out of 10 SMB followers are likely to visit the business’ website and make a potential purchase decision. And if they’re happy with their experience with the brand, they will also mention it to their connections on the platform.

Obviously, you clearly understand the value Twitter can bring to your business. But that’s where the tricky part begins. You know that it’s important to your business, but like many other counterparts, you’re unsure how to use it to bring in more customers. This is mainly because, your business may not have the resources and expertise to successfully plan and run a Twitter marketing campaign. At Kws Development, our Twitter marketing experts can help you promote your brand on this fastest growing social media platform. Whether you’re looking to establish your presence on Twitter or need a cohesive promotion plan, we help you build an effective roadmap to expand your follower-base and start reaping the benefits.

A Winning Twitter Strategy That Pays Off

When starting your promotions on Twitter, it’s very crucial that you get your first step right. And it takes a lot of research and analysis to identify how the platform is suited for your respective niche. Our social media marketing team spends ample of time to thoroughly understand your overall business marketing goals and the typical behaviour of your target audience on the platform, and then suggest the best plan, including – campaign timeline, budget and expected outcomes. From our rich social media marketing experience, we know that promoting your business on Twitter requires a gentle touch. Hence, we make sure that the Twitter marketing strategy that we develop for you is not only cutting-edge and unique to your needs, but also abides by the platform’s code of marketing and advertising ethics.

Setting up Your Twitter Presence

If you’re new to the platform, then it’s our job to establish a prominent Twitter presence for your business and connect you to your key influencers and build a strong community. Our experts help spark positive and engaging interaction with your followers and their connections. We ensure that your business’ Twitter profile is consistent with your overall branding, most importantly, with your website. This way your users will have a flawless experience with your brand on the Web. We also help manage the real-time conversations around your brand via live-tweet campaigns. Our goals are to – spread the word around for your products and services, help identify sales opportunities, and always keep your brand in the positive lights.

Managing Your Twitter Advertising Initiatives

Having successfully managed several client Twitter campaigns in the past, we know what ads work and get real results. If your goal is to quickly build a base of relevant and active followers, then we promote your accounts to find you the right set of brand-advocates. Similarly, if you wish to get more visibility, then we promote your tweets regularly, helping you reach out to your target current and potential followers. Based on your needs and resources, we help decide the RIGHT budget for your campaigns. Our team provides you with insightful analytics helping you track the effectiveness of the campaigns and learn about the behaviour of your audience.

Ready to market your business on Twitter? Let’s talk. Alternatively, if you want to measure the effectiveness of your current Twitter profile and campaigns, simply fill up the form above and one of our experts will reach you for a free consultation.