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About 80% of the world’s population has a mobile phone, out of which over 25% own smartphones. Moreover, nearly 91% of smartphone users keep their phone within arm’s reach throughout the day!

As an online marketer, Mobile Optimization is more important to you than ever. Optimizing your website for mobiles is the need of the hour! So if you’re thinking about your organization’s present and future marketing, now is the time to grab the opportunity and include Mobile SEO as an integral element of your overall digital marketing strategy. A sound presence in the mobile space will help you take your website to the streets (literally)!

‘In–hand’ is the new ‘top–of–mind’!

We, at Kws Development, recognized the promise of mobile marketing early on. Hence, we have created a complete suite of mobile optimization solutions designed to fit in your existing web marketing initiatives. We’ve done our drill to grasp the ins and outs of the mobile space. Our decade-long industry experience will ensure that your website is found, irrespective of the medium. Our Mobile Optimization services include:

Mobile Search Optimization

Almost 50% of all local searches are performed on smartphones! Also, it is commonly observed that mobile users prefer searching up a brand, just because it’s quicker than typing its URL. This is why you need to make Mobile SEO a priority. We believe in treating Mobile SEO independently, not as an add-on, and pursue it with a mobile mindset. By optimizing your website for major mobile search engines like G, AOL and Technorati, we take you right in front of your target audience. Armed with industry-specific research and insights, we bring your Mobile SEO strategy to life, ensuring on-the-go conversions.

Mobile Advertising

Statistics suggest that businesses that run paid mobile search marketing for their websites enjoy almost doubly greater click-through and conversion rates, with a decreased cost-per-acquisition. Our mobile advertising experts will help you determine the best paid program from the available options such as Click-to-Call ads, App-based ads, etc. We will help you yield higher returns in no time by making your ad content highly targeted.

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