Web Development

We understand the value of time and ensure that we deliver the project in a minimum turnaround time. We deliver the first page coded within 8 to 24 working hours, depending upon the timeline you choose, on the final placement of your order.

Yes, we do. We can assist you in anything as far as it is related to web designing and development. Get in touch with us and let us know about your requirements.

Please go to our order now page to place the order. There, you can mention few specifications relating your project such as details on advance options, layout options or software implementations or any other specification you want to make. These details are necessary to mention while you place the order.

The delays occur very rarely due to certain reasons such as miscommunication, late payment or design upload. We do our best to deliver quality and meet the deadline to deliver the final product. Also, we are constantly in touch with our clients through phone, emails and chat. We often use Skype where our id is : kws.development. Gtalk id is : info@projectanand.in and Yahoo id is : development@yahoo.com.

You will own all the rights to use and modify the code we provide.

Your privacy is our priority. The designs and files provided by you to us are kept with our team and not used further. We reference your website only after we get permission from you. To ensure more privacy, we can also sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement.